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Eightcap were looking to improve their sign up process and were focusing on successfully onboarding users with their web application. Core pieces of functionality such as the retention scheme were underutilised and were not fulfilling their potential. To improve retention rates, we needed to streamline the sign up process and engage clients within the portal.

Lead time:
6 Weeks
Target Type:
Project Type:
Reduce sign up friction and increase engagement
UX design & UI Design
checking eightcap app on mobile
mobile live trading account dashboard design
  • Workshops with key stakeholders
  • Creating detailed User flows
  • Production of low and high fidelity wireframes
  • Custom design implementation
  • Aesthetic interaction design
  • 1x Senior UX Development
  • 1x UI Designer
  • 2x Technical Project Manager
mobile app sign up screen internal transfer between accounts rewards points activity graph

Sign up and onboarding

Financial regulation demanded that Eightcap’s sign up process was robust and covered a range of steps. However, this fairly lengthy process didn’t align with conversion rate best practice for onboarding, resulting in higher than desired drop off rates and missed opportunities. The product marketing team were driving visitors to the platform, but many were lost before their first trade.

To improve this, we simplified the sign up process and addressed recurring pain points in the system. We introduced social sign-ups and SMS verification to streamline the onboarding experience for users across desktop and mobile devices while continuing to meet financial regulatory requirements. Allowing users to photograph their identification documents such as passports and drivers licences in-app, maintaining engagement throughout the sign up process

Key to increasing the sign up rate was to maintain the user momentum; onboarding clients rapidly with concise notifications to familiarise users with key actions. Their clients can now add payment cards by taking and uploading images in-app. Cards are then saved, making it easy to add and withdraw funds for future bids.


EightCap’s reward scheme encourages clients to accrue points for each bid made and points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards in the online store. However, lack of awareness resulted in underutilisation. We tapped into the competitive nature of FX and CFD traders by gamifying the scheme and providing prominent placement of the reward centre within the application. The client dashboard contains a fixed panel dedicated to reward offers, showcasing the latest opportunities to earn points. Gamification incentivises timely sign up, encourages frequent engagements and boosts referral sign ups.

design of eightcap web app
web app design
eightcap logo

“They quickly developed a good understanding of our product and designed a new UI which is more engaging and user friendly. Highly recommended.”

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