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A mobile app chatbot for employee coaching in the workplace

Emoquo is an award winning digital coach that enables employees to overcome everyday challenges in the workplace. The mobile app offers practical and confidential coaching that can be accessed discreetly in the workplace as challenges arise. Emoquo interacts with individuals using a conversational chatbot approach to engage the user in an approachable manner.

Human Resources
App Goal:
Increase employee engagement

The existing solution

Emoquo’s existing MVP product contained the core features and a basic UI, but lacked the finesse of user experience required to be adopted in their target large enterprises. We were commissioned to elevate the mobile app, inspiring confidence in the product offering and increasing usability.

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The Goal

Rapidly deliver a chatbot style mobile app. The app needed to support the addition of new features while providing a more fluid user experience.

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conversational UI for mobile app

The conversational style flow results in each user following a different journey with Emoquo dependent on their responses. We designed an interface that could manage the spectrum of user flows and deliver the appropriate content.

The MVP development process followed a mobile-first design so the app can be used on the go.

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Tim Aston

“They opened our minds and pushed our thinking to deliver a great result – one which we have been building on over the last year. The team where easy and enjoyable to work with and the process was clear and efficient.”

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