UX / UI design for a challenger banking app

Idealex is a new challenger banking app that helps their customers send and receive funds in crypto and Fiat currencies.

They were preparing to launch their product on the market and approached us to create an innovative and user friendly product interface.

Lead time:
12 Weeks
Finance & Crypto
Target Type:
Launch Product to Market
UI Design, UX Design & Brand
  • UX Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Clickable Wireframe Prototypes in Adobe XD
  • Clickable Design Prototypes in Adobe XD
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity & Design System
  • 2 x UI/UX Designers
  • 1 x Brand Designer
  • 1 x Product Strategist
  • 1 x Project Manager

Discovery and research

We began the UX/UI design process with a discovery process where we reviewed sign up and onboarding flows in the finance and crypto industry. We assessed how they structure the user experience and handle the user verification process.

We needed to identify what competitors did well and where the flows could be improved in order to deliver the most effective sign up flow for Idealex’s platform.

We documented the sign up flows as clickable journeys in Adobe XD, offering simple side by side comparisons.

Sign up flows

A major challenge in the finance industry is that users need to be verified and the verification process can take a number of days to be completed.

We needed to create an engaging sign up process that enabled users to explore the platform while the verification process was taking place. To achieve this, we stripped back the initial sign up fields to only include the critical information to set up an account. This gave users access to a simplified personalised version of the platform which prompted them to complete the sign up process. This enabled us to meet financial regulations while incentivising users to engage with the platform.


As we were creating a brand new platform, we worked closely with Idealex to determine the features and screens that were required to enable users to manage their currencies.

We combined the outcomes from our discovery phase with Idealex’s in depth knowledge of their product to create a user friendly platform that would engage users and set them apart in the finance / crypto market.

Buy and sell

We designed a sticky buy and sell widget to ensure that users always have access to the critical call to actions.

Sentence structure

We utilised a sentence structure when users are buying and selling assets to create a personable feel to the platform.

Managing assets

We designed a user friendly way for users to manage their assets in a single platform.


We delivered a brand strategy and brand identity to provide Idealex with the direction and flexibility that they needed for a successful product launch. We utilised the new brand to create a design system for the new platform, delivering a fresh look and feel that the Idealex team can use to continue to grow the platform.

Read the brand case study on our web design and branding website

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