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A CRM style web application to produce and take surveys

Sirota is a market leader in the provision of intelligent employee surveys for high profile global corporations. Thousands of employees complete Sirota surveys each year so it is crucial that surveys are smooth and intuitive. Equally important is how these large enterprise organisations are enabled to create surveys, manage their hierarchies and report on the outcomes.

Lead time:
6 months
HR, Business Consultancy
Target Customers:
B2B, Enterprise, Consumer
Key User Personas:
HR Professionals, Business Executives
Custom software development, web app design, mobile app design
old web application new web application
  • Workshops with key user groups
  • User flows created
  • Wireframes produced
  • Designs produced
  • API designed in Swagger
  • Angular front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • 1x UX Designer
  • 2x Senior Angular Developers
  • 1x Technical Project Manager
web application survey mobile web app survey web app survey completion

The challenge

Global corporations trust Sirota to deliver and manage their employee surveys. With the global nature of the surveys, functionality needed to be in place to deliver them in multiple languages and character sets including Arabic and Chinese. To ensure the application was completely accessible, the interface needed to be screen reader compatible and work across browsers and devices from the last 10 years.

new web application

Software development

The application was built using Angular and C# in collaboration with an internal back-end development team.

web app design and development

Intuitive execution

To make the survey creation process accessible to those without training, we created designs that could be drag-and-dropped into place.

web app design and development for Sirota

Editing Record Hierarchy

We built a multi-level navigation and dashboards that were editable on one page to erase the need to move between records to make edits.

The existing solution

Sirota’s existing solution was dated and system usability had deteriorated over time. An MVC architecture interlaced the front-end and back-end which resulted in back-end development preventing improvements to the user interface. The approach was to re-write the back-end application as an API and deploying it in the cloud.

Katerina Psychopaida

“They delivered a beautiful interface that was exactly what we were looking for. Their team really got to grips with our complex user journeys very quickly, and designed amazing solutions that really work for our software. Furthermore, their collaboration between their designers and front-end developers with our back-end development team was seamless – delivering the project on-time and on-budget.”

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