Laravel web app development

WWF challenged us to develop a web app that would enable their audience to calculate their own carbon footprints.

From a user perspective, the calculator needed to be simple, engaging and informative. It also needed to be robust enough to handle thousands of concurrent users worldwide. From a management perspective, the WWF team needed to be able to update the calculator logic in line with policy changes and the availability of new data.

Lead time:
3 months
Not for profit, Environmental
Target Type:
General Public
Project Goal:
Measure users carbon footprints
Web App Development, Laravel Development, Vue.js development
  • Laravel Backend Development
  • Laravel Nova Admin System
  • Vue.js Frontend Development
  • 1 x Digital Product Manager
  • 2 x Laravel Developers
  • 1 x Vue.js Developer

Amazon AWS

The product can be deployed and scaled using Amazon AWS.

Tech Stack

The web app has been coded using Laravel and Vue.js.


The web app has been built in a way that it can be updated and expanded in the future.

The approach

Our development team worked with WWF to technically specify the calculator and determine the best approach to achieve the required outcomes.

We recommended a Vue.js frontend due to its short development learning curve which made it a good fit for the WWF team and their customers. As a whitelabel product with a licensing offering, it was important that the code base used could easily be implemented and supported by 3rd parties.

A Laravel backend framework was selected for it’s scalability, in-built security and its ability to adapt to any requirements while maintaining a clean codebase. By using Laravel, we were also able to use Laravel Nova for the calculator dashboard. This enabled us to deliver reporting and calculator management in a cost effective manner.

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WWF laravel web app

A long term solution

We built the web app with a flexible admin area that enables the WWF team to update the calculator formula by uploading a new Excel sheet. In this way, the calculations can evolve as new policies are announced and new data becomes available.

“Our internal team was impressed by the quality of their work. It was a really positive experience. We developed a great relationship with them. We’ve ended up with a better version of the product than we started with. It’s scalable and more robust and it’s enabling us to partner with other organizations in a meaningful way. We would like to work with them again on other projects.”

Chris Cottrell, Senior digital product manager for WWF

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